International Ministries

Quilt Blocks

February 13, 2003 Journal
In the Philippines, quilt blocks sent by American Baptist Women's Ministries group are received with joy. Some quilt blocks are made into house dresses (see picture) and skirts. Other blocks are sewn into pillowcases, tablecloths, bedcovers (like quilts but without batting due to the climate). Other items include coin purses, pencil cases, bags and covers for the tops of refrigerators.

At most Christian centers, the blocks are used to teach sewing. At the Dorcas Development Center (see picture) the women work together to make products for sale. The cooperative first borrowed a machine, and the women earned enough money from their projects to buy two machines of their own. In the mornings, the women sew for the cooperative, earning a few cents per piece. Those few cents often make a difference in whether their children can
go to school or not. In the afternoons, the women are free to use the machines to sew for their families.

Quilt blocks and remnants up to one yard in length can be received into the Philippines duty fee. What is simply a scrap in the United States, can help a woman provide for her family.