International Ministries

Choir Tour

March 31, 2002 Journal
February and March seem to have come and gone much faster then we anticipated. Here at the Convention Baptist Bible College (CBBC), February is usually a slow month, but not so this year. We had the wonderful privilege of going on a weekend choir tour, which the members were anxious to do. The 20-member CBBC choir sings at the traditional places throughout the year but was looking for ways in which it could be of special service to the local churches.

God provided just the right places for us. First, we sang and preached at a small community for an evangelistic outreach. Many people heard of Jesus for the first time and it is our hope that the many people that came forward when we issued the invitation will have changed lives. The next morning was Sunday, we sang at one of the local churches and Daniel shared a message about trusting God. Sunday afternoon we packed up our gear and headed to another community where we did a concert at the city jail. The students shared their personal testimonies, sang original songs and preached. We were delighted that God would use us to bring the Gospel to these men. The ministry is on going outreach of the local church but we were honored to have God use us that day when eight men publicly accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

March brought the much despised but necessary paperwork that comes with the end of the school year. Final exams and final grades had to be turned in and graduation plans were set in place. But even in the midst of the daily grind, we kept working with our choir and, by God's grace, completed our second recording of original songs. They are all edited and on tape and CD. The collection includes four languages so that people can hear the good news of Christ in whatever language best speaks to their hearts. We are so proud of our students and share in their excitement and hope that our music will have a life changing impact on the people.

Last but not least, we want to share with you that we have also been busy preparing our shipment for the USA and soon will be packing our bags. We will return to the States in mid-May and will be available for speaking engagements over the next year or so. If your church in interested, your church should contact your region/area Minister of Mission Supportfor speaking arrangements.

Keep us in your prayers as we return to the United States as well as the ministers and leaders here in the Philippines.

Daniel & Sheila Miranda