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Chongyi Church, Hangzhou, China sits 5,000 people

October 17, 2009 Journal

Chongyi Church Sits 5,000 People

Benjamin Chan

Oct 2009 

I am attending the Christian Leadership Exchange Symposium in Hangzhou, China. Hangzhou city is well known of its beautiful West Lake scenery. Joining me are my mentors of China mission Dr. Paul and Mrs. Dorcas Szeto, Rev. David and Mrs. Kathy Wong. Paul and David are American Baptist pastors, and have established strong Chinese-American Baptist churches in Seattle, New Haven and Los Angeles. Paul is also the President of the Evangelize China Fellowship, International, and David, the President of the F/2 Foundation International. Paul was the guest speaker in the second Sunday Service of the Chongyi Church this morning. I helped the translation from Mandarin to English for the English-speaking visitors. The Chongyi Church has a huge sanctuary that sits 5,000 people, and a multi-purpose building that provides offices and Christian education facility. The church is located across a huge shopping mall, and in a very convenient location. Rev. Joseph Gu asks for our prayer support, as they witness their faith in the neighborhood. The church is also a strong supporter of the Zhejiang Theological Seminary in the province (of Zhejiang). They seminary currently has 22 faculty members and 180 students. American Baptist International Ministries has the privilege to support a faculty Mr. Shiwen Tang to finish his M. Th. study in Old Testament in the Divinity School of Chung Chi College in Hong Kong.

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