International Ministries

India Mission Team of Covenant Baptist Church West Bloomfield Michigan

October 27, 2009 Journal

     In July, Harry and Sherry Palmer of Covenant Baptist Church, West Bloomfield, MI went on a 20 day family mission trip to Jeemangalam, India.

     Their host was the Asian Christian Academy.  They see God at work in the community as the love and joy of the Christian staff at the Christian Academy has a profound effect on the children and their parents.  The Academy provides a wonderful environment for the children in the orphanage and the environment feels like a very big family as the children develop close relationships with the seminary students. 

The Palmer family was blessed to recognize the Holy Spirit at work in another culture.  The unity of the spirit makes them feel like brothers and sisters even though the cultures are vastly different.  The zealousness of the seminary students was spiritually motivating and Harry thinks the visits of foreign Christians make the students feel like they are not alone in their struggles for faith, and that the universal church knows of them and is united with them in prayer and love of God. 

    The percentage of Christians in India is low and it is easy to think that they are insignificant because of their small size.   However, the Palmers now see an army like Gideon’s – small but having the God of all creation among them.  The Palmers saw the joy of the Lord in the Indian brothers and sisters even though they have very little else.    

   The heat, insects (ants and roaches), the lack of amenities and conveniences they are accustomed to, the language barrier in the general population, were challenging but the Palmers came back with a determination to go on more mission trips in the future.  They have been sharing stories with their supporters and their church, and as they continue to get emails from India, will share news about what God is doing in the lives of believers with whom they have contact with.