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October 7, 2009 Journal
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Dear Friends,

September and October are months when Baptist churches are focusing on the World Mission Offering (WMO), and I thought this would be a good time to let you know just some of the ways those gifts plus gifts given specifically to the different IMEMF projects are used.

The Christian Center for Development of People with Disabilities has about 40 children currently in school.  This includes children who are blind and deaf; those going to school at the center and those receiving scholarships to attend other schools.  Students from the local high school in Mae Sariang are helping at CDPD as part of their community service projects.  It is exciting for our ministries to be recognized by other groups and become part of the community since the people we served used to remain hidden.   Village trips occur on an ongoing basis with follow-up currently occurring for 160 clients in various rural villages.
This month alone, the House of Blessing provided a preschool program for 30 ethnic minority children from the poorest urban communities in Chiang Mai.  Not only did these children have a safe place to come during the day while their parents were working, but they also received instruction in Thai, math, English and other school subjects that will enable them to one day attend Thai public school.  The children were also given a nutritious hot lunch daily, and had time to learn new songs and play on our well equipped playground.  Your giving means that these children have access to education, and hope for a bright future.

The House of Love now has 28 children who enjoy their beautiful new home, thanks to the financial gifts of so many.  On the new land, the children have planted a garden, and are already enjoying fresh vegetables from the plot.  All of the children are able to attend school full-time, and your gifts provide transportation, educational and lunch fees, and even snack money each day.  Without the HOL, many of these children would not have access to the AIDS medications that are needed, nor have the Christian family to support them after the loss of their own parents.  Thank you for your partnership in their lives—they daily thank God for you!

The Health Project staff has been busy this last month in many different ways.  Because you gave, they were able to work with three villages to provide fresh clean water.  Your gifts also helped support the building of a public bathroom in another two villages.  Good sanitation and clean water are something we often take for granted in the West, but the provision of the water filtration and a public bathroom are indeed God’s blessing for these villages.

The Health Project staff have also been gathering local village headmen to teach them about the use and often dangers of agricultural chemicals, and then empower them to make good environmental choices for the future.  Because of your gifts, ethnic minorities are learning to farm in a way that will positively impact the way they treat God’s creation.

Because your donations allow me to remain on the mission field, this month you helped visitors from Japan better understand how God is working in the lives of all of these children.  You enabled me to encourage two HIV-infected women who have no family by helping them find a place to live.  Because you give, I am able to give leadership in prayer and ministry to the tribal staff of IMEMF.

Your ministry of supporting the IMEMF by both financial gifts and prayer support is impacting the ethnic minorities in northern Thailand in far-reaching ways—thank you!  The need here remains great, and I encourage you to continue to support us both in prayer and with your financial gifts.  As you give in this WMO window through October, please know that now more than ever, your active part in the body of Christ world-wide is extremely valuable.  Thank you for caring!