International Ministries

Nicaragua Mission Team of W. Virginia and Ohio

October 5, 2009 Journal

     In June, Rev. Larry Dale of Baptist Temple, Parkersburg, WV and his wife Susan's team of 15 worked alongside the families of the community of Cumaica Norte, in Boaco to help complete a medical clinic.

     The other major project was to establish a workable and reliable emergency radio communication system using amateur radio (aka ham radio).   The radios could be put to use on volunteer brigade trips and used in the event of emergencies in the outback of Nicaragua since many of the areas serviced by AMOS* are remote and without conventional power grids and /or landline or cell phone capabilities. 

    Five of the members of this year’s team installed a new antenna at AMOS* headquarters in Managua and then conducted field tests of the radios on-the-road and on-site in Boaco.  The team prayed that the radios would work and on the second day in Cumaica Norte an antenna was installed in the tree tops.  It worked very well as a family emergency message for a team member came in and the team member was able to head back to the USA.   

   The Dales are heading back to Nicaragua in 2010 to install antennas in strategic locations within Nicaragua where AMOS* serves and will lead other team members on a brigade work project.

   Participating in this mission led team members to be more committed to serving others.  The team shared with the church about their mission and members are doing local projects as a team.  Annual trips to Nicaragua will continue and domestic trips are in the works also.

*AMOS – A Ministry Of Sharing