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October 4, 2009 Journal
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September and October is the promotional time for the World Mission Offering.  The W M O provides the largest single source of funds to support the work of International Ministries around the world.   Thank you to those of you who participate in this offering.  
Here are some of the projects Rita and I are involved in, and are largely possible because of gifts to the World Mission Offering:
Rural Pastoral Training:
Our main assignment is to working with Congolese staff to train men and women for rural pastoral leadership.  The pastoral training school at Kikongo has been functioning with assistance from International Ministries for over 60 years.  The need for rural pastoral leadership is as great as ever.  Not only are we seeing a proliferation of cults, but witchcraft seems to be more and more tolerated.  Because of the high unemployment rate, so many people without any training whatsoever declare  themselves “Pastors”  and contribute to the theological confusion that often leads to hostility among God’s children.   In Congo, we need men and women grounded on God’s Word, who can communicate the love of God through The Lord Jesus Christ who is the savior of all tribes and nations.  
Pastoral School Retreat:
We just completed our pastoral school retreat.  Our theme is in Ephesians 4:23,24.  “Stripping off our old nature and putting on the New”.  I had three messages in three days.  During the retreat, we heard some horror stories about travel experiences.  Witchcraft is such a strong force.  A place that lacks a church is in real poverty !  The church is such a stabilizing force for a rural setting.  Rural pastoral leadership is so important to a country’s development.  
Women’s Ministries:
While the men prepare to be pastors, their wives prepare for ministry as well.  Rita teaches several classes in the women’s school.
Rita is also interim leader of the church women’s ministries.   This group has seen a real revival as many women who had not been a part of this group for many years are returning. This month, the women are planting a multiplication field of three new disease resistant varieties of manioc.  For the first time, women in this area will have varieties of manioc that should relieve them of much of their burden of feeding their families.
I (Glen) am involved with Baptist evangelists within the Congo Baptist church.  During the months of August and September, about 10,000 people participated in spiritual retreats at five locations.  The theme for these retreats was “Standing firm in the faith”.  
Audio- visual:
Each week, Glen projects videos either at Kikongo, or in the villages.  In an area without TV or theaters, this is a popular event.   We project the Campus Crusade “JESUS” film in several local languages.   We project Christian music groups, music and instruction about HIV prevention, Wildlife conservation documentaries, Biblical films, and sports clips.    
During August and September, we completed a new riverboat.  In September we made our maiden voyage to the bridge at the main East-West highway to pick up students and their families.  The boat is on its second trip upriver to furnish a road crew with lumber for construction.  
Another method of transportation that Glen is experimenting with is the Powered Parachute.  This gives Glen to opportunity to get the fragile audio-visual equipment into hard to reach villages.  
The first weekend of October, Glen will be flying to Mbonga Mbanza to project and deliver some medical supplies.  
Employment opportunities:
The pastoral school manages  a small portable lumber mill which in reality is the only industry in the area.  This provides employment to village youth who float down the river with logs to sell.  It provides employment to the pastoral school students who work at the mill during vacations , and provides much needed lumber for local use.
Glen and Rita are the only missionaries residing at Kikongo. This gives them the opportunity to be involved in the day to day challenges of life in rural Africa.  In addition to the spiritual challenges, human need issues of human rights, health, and hunger are an ever present challenge.

The World Mission Offering helps keep missionaries like Glen and Rita Chapman on the field and helping to make a difference in the World.