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House of Blessing Update

September 9, 2009 Journal
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Prayer and Praise for September, 2009

The House of Blessing (HOB) is a preschool program which targets needy children from ethnic minority groups who might otherwise not attend school.   Now in its 8th year, the program has some impressive statistics, including the fact that 88% of the children who have graduated from the daycare program are now enrolled in Thai schools.  Recently, we have refined our vision and mission statements for this project, and I wanted to share them with you, so you can have a better sense of what our purpose is, and be praying for the project and the staff that faithfully serve these children.
Vision: The vision of IMEMF House of Blessing Daycare is that the rights and protection of children and persons will become a shared responsibility of families, communities, and government.

Mission: IMEMF is a Christian organization with the purpose of strengthening ethnic minority families and communities through promoting education in the areas of children’s rights and protection, through ensuring care and shelter, and through providing basic schooling in order to have a positive impact on their long term future.

Praise and Prayer Points:

We are grateful for fish soup!  In preparing the fish ponds to start raising our own fish, the HPTP staff discovered there were already fish in the pond!  Unfortunately, they are the type of fish that would love to eat the baby fish we will raise for meat—so they have been caught and made a wonderful Thai fish dish that has been enjoyed by all. 

Please continue to pray for the general health of the children at the House of Love and at the House of Blessing Daycare.  Last week, 10 children were kept home from school, either because they themselves were feeling ill, or their classes had been cancelled because a classmate had swine flu.  We are grateful for our children recovering quickly, but you can understand why it is a continuing concern for us.

The Health Project staff are busy working on the plans for the October camp for our HIV-infected children we support.  The hope this year is to have everyone stay at the new House of Love—and so we would invite your prayers to again pray for good health for all of the children so that we would not have to cancel this looked-forward-to event.

Please keep praying for a pending grant for the project.  Representatives from the Japanese Embassy will come to visit the House of Love and the House of Blessing on Sept. 8 to make their decision that would help with the building costs.  Their visit will include talking with the children and the parents of the daycare children, plus a trip to one of the urban communities IMEMF works in as well as continuing dialogue with staff.  Thank you for praying!

On Sept. 11, Khun Saylo, my colleague from the CDPD (Center for Development of People with Disabilities) and I leave for the US for 3 months.  There is a lot to do in the next week, including an all day trip to Bangkok to renew my visa.  Please be praying that I am able to accomplish the things that need doing before our departure.  I would appreciate prayer for a good flight (with some rest) so that we can start in Oregon ready to share.