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September 19, 2009 Journal
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The baptism of our two converted brothers, on 23rd August was a happy occasion. Afterward a number of us went out to the park for a picnic and time of fellowship and celebration. Since then, between ten and fifteen of us have continued to meet weekly for fellowship and Bible study. Now we are planning ahead for another outreach for November 28th and 29th.

There are forty thousand Muslims in Strasbourg, a city with a population of 350,000. A huge mosque is being constructed in the city, and Islam is making its presence felt. Furthermore, I am told that ten Frenchmen per day are converting to Islam. Just north of us, in Belgium, the conversion rate is even higher. It is estimated that one day there will be a hundred million Muslims in Europe. Our biggest challenge is not the growth of Islam, however, but rather the mobilization of the churches to reach out to Muslims. Few churches are ready, willing and able to undertake this ministry. I suspect the same is true of churches in the U.S. So, you see, we have work cut out for us for many years to come.

September 10th - 13th I was in Vitrolles, near Marseille, to help some churches to prepare for a campaign there with Franck Alexandre. I had the help of a former Muslim, who works with Life Agape Mosaïc (a ministry of Campus Crusade). We both stressed the urgent need for ministering to Muslims in the upcoming campaign. I also met with two leaders to talk about plans with Luis Palau for a youth rally in Marseille in May 2010, followed by a festival there in 2011. The hope is to reach many other cities surrounding Marseille too. This will require an enormous investment of time, energy and resources on the part of many churches. Please be much in prayer for this outreach.


October 10th to 18th: I will be ministering on this island, which is near Madagascar, along with three French team members for music and Bible studies. The churches have been preparing for our coming for the past several months. I am told that there are serious problems of alcoholism, drugs, witchcraft and prostitution. We expect to visit prisons and schools as well as churches during our visit. Please pray for safe travel there and back, and great blessings on the meetings and the churches as they prepare; pray that God will bring many people to salvation and faith in Christ, and that he will confirm his Word with signs and miracles.

Thank you for caring and sharing,
Bill Thomas.