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What Your World Mission Offering Does

September 18, 2009 Journal
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Dear friends,

Ever wondered what becomes of your World Mission Offering gifts? Well, in the month of September alone, you made possible preaching and teaching to pastors and lay people who walked many kilometers on long dusty roads to learn more about the Word of God. This rural village conference (or “misasa”) took place in “open field” so the accommodations were tents and thatch roofs, sleeping bags and the shade of trees. The attendees had the stars and the moon for their ceiling and the last vestiges of a cold August winter. You are training leaders, informally through these misasas and formally through the newly opened Zambia International Theological College (ZITC) where Charles lectures regularly.

Because your gifts keep us on the field in Zambia, you helped a community school to get much needed books for their children who had none. Our friends at Altrusa International, San Diego, donated loads of great books like Dr. Seuss, Little Golden Books, Scholastic and many more. The library of the American International School of Lusaka also donated wonderful books and the school’s PTA purchased a bookcase to put the books on! We had a blessed time at the compound school, sitting and reading with the children, and having a fun time on Literacy Day.

With your World Mission Offering donations you helped get vital and life-saving information to women and their children some of whom are HIV positive and are confused by the conflicting information they are getting in some of the clinics in Zambia. Their babies are dying in their arms from malnutrition, malaria, pneumonia and other fatal ailments. You helped hold a women’s Bible meeting where our friend from the Elizabeth Glaser Foundation, Susan Strasser a pediatric nurse, debunked myths and explained to the ladies the best way to feed and care for their babies. Her work in many African countries and her knowledge of HIV/AIDS and nutrition research from the Glaser Foundation gave the women the vital information they needed. With her valuable experience and her knowledge of the word of God, the women trusted her to show them the best way to keep themselves and their babies healthy and alive.

Your White Cross contributions not only helped with food for many of the orphans and vulnerable children, but also clothing, shoes, medical supplies and school supplies. Blankets and food were also given out by our BCZ partner churches whose church or community home-based care projects specifically target the poorer vulnerable clients who suffer with HIV and AIDS. Your White Cross contributions, help to keep people healthy, alive, warm and fed. You are relieving the suffering of hurting people.

Because you gave, your WMO donations helped us to speak a word of encouragement to a group of women who call themselves the “60 widows”. These women, all elderly widows, live in the rural village of Chongwe. They have banded together and are in the process of building a small building so they can meet and come up with ways in which they can sustain themselves and their children.

Because your donations allow us to remain on the field, this month you helped a young mother of two babies, who herself is an orphan and newly widowed. You encouraged her to stand strong and believe that God will help her to realize her dream of owning her own fish stand one day in the future.

Your ministry is great and reaching out to more and more people every day, but it takes all of us pitching in in whatever way we can. Your contributions of money and petitions of prayer are helping to change lives for the better and giving hope where there was none.

As you give in this WMO window of September through October, please know that now more than ever, your part in the body of Christ is extremely valuable. Please visit our website at or if you like,, and see how you can touch lives all over the world!

In His Service,

Charles and Sarah West

Missionaries to Zambia`q