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God at Work: In Government

September 5, 2009 Journal
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God at Work:  In Governments

Day 6 of 18 journal entries in a row!

I’m often surprised where I find myself.  Though I’d be happy if God had confined my ministry to working directly with victims of trafficking and people in prostitution, such is not the case.  And so recently, I was handed a very official looking security pass with my name spelled correctly and was escorted through the halls of the European Union Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.  I had been invited by a major Christian social service agency in The Netherlands to help them lobby their case for the EU to grant them funding for anti-trafficking endeavors.  Generally, I would not spend my time in this way—but what appealed to me was that the funding was targeted to small, grass-roots organizations which  are doing exemplary work—and which need the money.  After praying about this invitation, I felt I should go.

I made my case on the panel of “experts”, trying to convince Parliament members that governments need the small (read: inexpensive), grass-roots (including Christian) organizations which are responsible for dramatic changes in the lives of victims.  I cited examples and did my best.  I prayed that God would use my words in whatever way he chose. There were others on the panel who also spoke from their experience and their hearts.  The funding proposal is still in “in process”—and looks as if it will be approved and the funds granted.  These things take time.    

Afterwards, those who had organized the event went out to lunch together, and over a great Italian meal, I had the opportunity to talk with some of them about their work in the Parliament.  One very impressive young woman told me that she—and others—had specifically come to Brussels to get jobs with Parliament leaders because they felt led by God to be Christ’s presence in their midst.  Their Call was to pray for and to serve European leaders in Jesus name.  They enabled our group to make our presentations.  And from within this place of power, they continue to advocate on behalf of people whose voices have been silenced by abuse and exploitation.  I knew I was witnessing God at work.  

Thank you for being Christ’s presence in the surprising places where you have been Called.