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August 31, 2009 Journal
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God at Work
A confession:  I get overwhelmed with life.  These last numbers of months (years!) I’ve had the incredible privilege of seeing God at work in so many parts of the world—calling young and old, women and men into ministry with people in prostitution and victims of trafficking.  I thank God that I have been given the gift of encouragement.  I love to spend time counseling and advising those who have new visions for ministry, helping them to get into the networks and find resources.  I love focusing on the people and events that are in front of my face.   Each opportunity for a high profile speaking engagement puts me in contact with a whole new group of individuals seeking God’s call in their lives.  

At the moment, though, things have gotten out of balance, and my relational side has consumed my time and energy at the expense of the “administrative side”—and of letting the world know how Lauran sees God at Work.  So I’m making the commitment that in these next 18 days before my birthday, I WILL post a journal entry each day.  It will be a “patchwork” of glimpses of God at Work.

Today I share a simple story:  a follow-up to my last journal entry about visiting the women in prostitution who work on boats.  A few weeks ago, we gave the women a little card that had a pearl inside and the message “You are a precious pearl created by God”—written in their first languages.  I handed one in Hungarian to “Marta” and as she read it, in the language of her heart, it was as if an electric shock went through her body.  She was stunned by the words.  She held the little card to her heart, tears in her eyes, desperately wanting to believe its truth.  My team-mate and I prayed for her in that moment, that this message from God would take root in her being.    

Please pray for “Marta” and the many, many Marta’s who God is pursuing with His message of love, forgiveness and healing.  God will do His work through the prayers His faithful.