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News from Chiapas!

August 23, 2009 Journal
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Already after completing the camp and arrived safely to their communities (though not without problems, because at Mexico city, personnel from airport customs harassed the group and took José for interrogation). Once in their communities they told what they experienced and learned in PR and quietly returned to serve the Lord.  

Dalia (our collaborator at San Cristobal) wrote us today to point out that this past Saturday she brought two foot pedals sewing machines to Pueblo Nuevo Sitalá for the Mayan women. Praise the Lord! These machines were donated by the women’s group of one of the Baptist churches of PR and a pastor who just loves missions. The Mayan women celebrated the gift that will enable them to continue their artisan work. So, your donations help us provide opportunities to extent the “abundant life of Jesus.”  

From Yalentai, (the town of Mariano and Jose), Dalia tells us that they are practicing what they saw and learned at the youth camp. Imagine, these leaders have already changed the order of worship! Now the children go out with Mariano at the time of the preaching to receive the Bible stories that he teaches. On October 15 the congregation will celebrate baptisms and are inviting the seminary to participate!

Prayer requests: 
  1. Dalia was very ill this past weekend with diarrhea and vomit. Pray for her to regain her health.
  2. Manuel Gutierrez (father of Bonifacio) has been ill for months with little strength to get up and work. The doctor said is an acute gastritis. For this reason, Boni has assumed the responsibility to support his family. Boni would be going to San Cristobal (SCLC) this week to seek work and Dalia will give him a space at the seminar (SIM) to stay meanwhile.
  3. Eliazar lost his grandfather only 4 days after his arrival. Pray for the continuing consolation of the Spirit to this family.  

My brothers and sisters, the task of preparing leaders to serve God continues, however, as you see with many difficulties. Boni wants to become a pastor and study at the seminary. But his dream could be hindered by this family situation. Mariano is also pressured to support his family and will seek work at another town, without finishing his elementary school. And we need Dalia with all her strength to help us with the many projects we strive to complete. We need your prayers for these young leaders and their families! Help us pray!

With thanks for your prayers and support!

In Christ, Doris and Ricardo