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A word from our visitors

July 30, 2009 Journal
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I am very grateful for the part that each person plays in ministering to the tribal people of Thailand.  This month we wanted to share some of the feedback received from our visitors and volunteers.

Susan, an MPT team member writes:
It was such a blessing to get to visit the House of Love in person.  The stories we hear are nothing in comparison to getting to stand in the midst of the children at the House of Love and the House of Blessing.  The children were very wonderful and welcoming.  The daycare children were adorable as they introduced themselves in English by name and tribe, even though some of them barely spoke Thai.  It was great to spend time with the House of Love kids.  It is very apparent that they know they are loved and it was great to get to worship and play with them.  They understand the importance of Kim’s Missionary Partnership Network and expressed their gratitude for the part each person has in the plan that God has for answering their prayers.

Jenna, a 13 year old visitor writes:
The House of Love is a house for a family.  Even though the children and teens have their different stories they all became family when they moved in.  While visiting the House of Love you get to witness the individual improvement of each child.  Not because they don’t have to look after themselves anymore, but because they are so much happier, smiling, laughing, and playing games with one another.  Even though they don’t always get along with one another they still treat each other as family.  Kim Brown has made all this possible in promoting physical and emotional well-being, believing in them, and loving them as her own children.  It was amazing to be able to go and meet these children/teens.  Even though there is a huge language barrier, it is an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget.

Megan, a 19 year old volunteer writes:
My past month in Thailand has been the most stretching, amazing, heartbreaking, and influential month in my life, to date. When I boarded a plane to Chiang Mai in June, really alone for the first time, I could have never prepared myself for what life was going to be like. Every day I spend here at House of Love, I accomplish things I never realized I could before-from communicating in broken Thai to scrubbing 30 slum children clean. As I continue to get to know the staff and children here and their personal trials and joys, my world expands and my conviction grows that the House of Love is an integral and essential part of making the world a more humane and beautiful place.

Prayer and Praise:
Praise that we have completed our Diakonia evaluation. This organization currently provides funds our Health Project and our staff did a great job working as a team to complete the interviews.

Praise for visitors that have shared with us at our new facility.  We are thankful for the feedback we are receiving from those who have visited both our old House and the new House of Love facilities.

Pray for Kim and Waraporn as they prepare for presentations and speaking engagements in the States in September, October and November of this year.  Pray for the individuals that will be fulfilling duties while Kim and Waraporn are traveling.

Pray for Waraporn as she travels with the occupational and physical therapists to train community health workers on the border with Burma as part of the Community Based Rehab Program.

Pray for the staff as they write numerous annual reports and proposals to enable the work to continue.  This month we have submitted a proposal for funding at the House of Blessing Daycare and would covet your prayers as the proposals are being reviewed.

Pray for the youth seminars being led by the Health Project staff.  Please pray both for those leading the seminars and also for the youth in attendance.

Pray for funding as we look at funding for next year.  Pray that sponsors come forward to
sponsor more children at the House of Love.

Pray for the 3 students who have started college this year.

Pray for the new children in the House of Blessing Daycare as they adjust into a new environment socially and work on the language skills in Thai and English

Pray for our volunteers, Lori and Bruce,  as they return to Thailand after visiting the States and spending time with family

We welcome any feedback or suggestions you many have—just contact us at  To be dropped from this email letter, just let us know at that same address.