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June 17, 2009 Journal
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African women have been increasing on the streets of Bangkok the last few years and our prayers for breakthrough in rescuing the trafficked ones, have been answered! NL continues to grow and continues to struggle with the challenges of growing pains. Rejoice with us as you read of the victories, and pray with us as you read of the challenges. Your prayers are breaking ground for victories!
NightLight News
2 trafficked women from East Africa were rescued and sent home after learning jewelry skills to equip them on their return. It was exciting to see some of our NL women taking the time to teach skills to the women and to see them sharing their lives with one another.
Pray for their safety, the safety of the team here, and for justice. Pray the women can find a dignifying way of earning a living when they return and will not be harmed by the trafficker who is a close relative and is angry at losing the $5000 she was demanding of each. The women shared that after deceived into coming here and being forced to prostitute, they would cry in the bathroom thinking it would be 3 years before they would see their children again. They are so grateful for God's intervention that has allowed them to return home within a month.
We are grateful for an organization in Africa which has partnered with us in repatriation and rehabilitation. We are seeking funding for small business loans to help the women successfully reintegrate with hope and dignity.
In the last month more than 10 women have applied for work. 5 women who left last year have returned asking for their jobs back and we have hired 4 news as well. Pray for strategy of placement. The economy is bad and the numbers of women seeking jobs is increasing. We are seeking to go beyond what is humanly possible. We seriously need more jewelry sales. Spread the word - buying jewelry saves lives.
2 Women accepted Christ this past month. Pray for "Kay" and "Penny" to be protected and secure in this new step forward. The woman, "Jane," whose story we shared last month, is doing very well after a rough beginning.
A home visit lead to a mother accepting Christ and being healed. The mother was brought to Bangkok for medical treatment after sudden rigidness and immobility. The doctors found nothing wrong but gave some medication. After little improvement we were asked to visit and pray. A vision revealed a spirit shrine and a curse for not fulfilling the legal requirements of a ritual. Pon explained the unconditional love of God that does not require bribes. The mother had gone to church when she was 17 and accepted Christ. Now 40+ years later she was ready to return to Christ. She prayed and was healed of the stiffness and pain in her shoulders and neck and freed from the curse.
Praise God for new Thai staff. Tim, though retired, is a registered nurse and a recent Bible School graduate. Pray for her as she ministers to the women. She is co-leading an addiction class with Jeff.
We now have the keys to our building in the red light area and can start remodeling and strategizing for the use of the 5 -story building. Pray for the finances and workteams needed to do the work. Pray for clear strategies. Pray for protection and wisdom as some neighbors are not too happy about having Christians move in next door.
NightLight's church Song Sawan (Send the Light) celebrated 1 year with 100 in attendance and a beautiful service of great worship and fellowship. Pray for Jeff, Anusorn, Nak, Panit and Pon as they lead the church and the 12 women who were elected as leaders for this next year.
Jewelry sales have started to pick up recently with more wholesale orders from retail stores including in the Faroe Islands! Pray for continued increase of markets and sales globally. Not only does the business require financial return, the women need the work so they are not bored and restless. Real work gives them dignity so pray for more jewelry sales to increase productivity.
NightLight will be launching a new website soon. Pray for Plain Joe and Charity (director NL USA) who have committed hours and hours already and are now coming close to seeing it done. Charity's baby is due very soon so pray for her and all the work she feels needs to be done before the baby arrives.
How You Can Help
$65 Billion Spent on Jewelry in 2008! Buy and Save Lives!
The Hole in Our Gospel, by Richard Stearns quotes that in 2008 Americans spent $65 billion on jewelry. That's a large resource to draw from. We are only asking for .00001 percent of that to go towards NightLight this year.
Hold a Jewelry Party to increase both sales and awareness while having a great time with friends! More information on-line at or contact

Support Specific Projects
Donate towards our Building Needs for Store and Outreach
We still need around $30,000 to build a store front at our present location and to set up a coffeehouse and outreach center in our newly purchased building in the red light area.
Support Rescue and Reintegration of Trafficked Women
It costs an average of $2000 to rescue and repatriate a woman trafficked from Central Asia and East Africa. In the last two years we have been able to rescue and repatriate 13 women trafficked from outside of Thailand. A small business loan of $500 is all it takes to get some of these women a strong foundation for reintegration.
With assistance from Troy Anderson at Speak Up, we have received permission from local authorities to open a shelter. While still in the planning stage we are seeking funding for rent, staff and programming.   
Donations can be made:

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NightLight Foundation  ph. 662-653-0351
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Media Resources About NightLight

There are some short media clips about NightLight and testimonies of three women that can be viewed by going to  

 Media clips about NightLight

 Life in Bangkok Restored 01-03 are three powerful testimonies from NL women who have come out of prostitution and who are now three of our most passionate worship leaders.

NightLight Bangkok 01 is Annie speaking about the vision of NightLight and how the women's lives are impacted.
NightLight Bangkok 02 tells about how NightLight got started and how Annie felt when she first began to go into the bars for outreach.

NightLight Bangkok 03 gives background information and push factors that traps women in the sex industry

NightLight Bangkok 04 tells about the sex industry we encounter, how it works and the men who frequent the bars.  

NightLight Bangkok 05 speaks to what you can do to make a difference.
These are a great resource to better understand what we do, the women we love, and what you can do to make a difference. We are grateful to the team from Extreme Prophetic who filmed these to make a difference and impact those in their realm of influence.

Spread the Word!

Thank you again for your faithfulness in praying for us, supporting us, and raising awareness of what God is doing and will continue to do as we work together in the fight for freedom and dignity.


Annie Dieselberg
CEO NightLight