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June 2009 Updates

June 22, 2009 Journal
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Thank you from International Ministries and Kristy Engel!

Dear Friends,

I just want to thank you for your help and support during the financial difficulties facing Kristy Engel and other International Ministries missionaries.  As many of you know, Kristy is now required to raise her own support through pledges and donations so that she can return to work in La Romana and continue ministering through the Good Samaritan Hospital.  Although there are still many needs, the matching grant for new donations through June 30, 2009 has really been a big help.  If you have not heard about this or are still interested in helping, please click on this link to learn how you can encourage Kristy through a pledge or donation that will support her work:

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Ongoing Donations/Pledges

Although there is a wonderful opportunity to have your donation doubled if given by June 30th, 2009, this may not work for everyone. If you are interested in making a monthly pledge, even if it is only $5, $10 or $25, please don't hesitate. For Kristy to continue working with the Good Samaritan Hospital and the Maranatha church in La Romana, she needs your monthly pledge. If 65 people could make a monthly pledge of only $50, Kristy would be able to meet her yearly financial goal. Can you be one of those 65 people? Maybe you can join with several others to help or encourage someone to begin a commitment to the ministry in La Romana through Kristy Engel. Every dollar makes a difference. If you are unable to make a financial commitment at this time, consider making a commitment to pray, on a daily basis, for Kristy and the ministry in La Romana. Donate now!

Join Kristy's Network

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Update on Kristy's spring and summer travels...


In April 2009, I (Kristy) returned to the US to begin Home Assignment and travel for International Ministries. The purpose of my U.S. visit is to talk to churches, groups, organizations and schools/universities about the work in La Romana. I am also fund-raising and encouraging individuals or groups to support my work through partnerships and pledges.

My first stop was Mattoon, IL. First Baptist Church of Mattoon, IL has become a second home to me! What a wonderful and supportive congregation for missions. I also had the opportunity to visit Charleston, IL FBC, Rotary Club of Mattoon, missions committees, and the ABW group, Can-Do-Circle. I had such a wonderful time visiting with old friends and making new one's. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality!


Following graduation from the University Missouri's Master's in Nursing program (for Pediatric Nurse Practitioner), I visited to Saco, Maine.  I had the privilege of staying with friends in Oceanwood and waking up the waves crashing every morning.  What a delight!  During my visit, I met with Immanuel Baptist Church in Portland, Saco First Baptist Church, a group of therapists who are interested in starting a new work team to the Dominican Republic, and a group of dentists who are also intrested in starting a new team.  I was also blessed with some needed dental work from my good friend Demi Kouzounas, who was honored for her work in the Maine community and the Dominican Republic, during my visit.  One of the highlights of my trip was 90 degree weather for the first two days...but it didn't last!  The third day, for a DR team reunion picnic, the temperature dropped to the 40's...not exactly tropical temperatures!


I just returned from my most recent trip to Colorado a week ago. Many thanks to my new friends and the churches who made me feel so welcome. This was my first trip to the Colorado region and the beauty of both the land and the people I met were unbelievable. I visited churches in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Delta and spoke at the American Baptist Women Missions (ABWM) conference for the region, in Grand Junction.I was able to do some sight-seeing and visited the Garden of the Gods, Air Force Academy, Monument Pass and the Colorado National Monument. What a beautiful state! Many churches and individuals showed an interest in getting involved with the work in the Dominican Republic or reconnecting with the work in La Romana after their region's initial visit in the 1980's. I found this region to be incredibly supportive of missions and am thrilled with the response I received during my visit.

Later this summer...

Starting in July, I will be doing a lot of traveling throughout the Midwest, especially Iowa and Illinois. I will be presenting at the Mid-America Region's ABWM conference, the national ABWM conference (held in Carlinville, IL), Great River's Region (Illinois and Missouri) ABWM conference and many individual churches throughout the area. CFOM, the conference for returning missionaries, will be held the first week of August at Eastern Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and then I travel to the East coast to begin travels there that will last until Thanksgiving. A busy year, for sure! Please keep me in your prayers as I travel so that I can share the work that we do in La Romana as well as get the rest that I will need to keep going. Many blessings to all of you!