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Believe and see!

June 15, 2009 Journal
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On April 22 we had a beautiful meeting to form our very first MPT in Puerto Rico with people from 4 churches. Rev. Jose Norat, our area director gave a presentation of what an MPT was and how these brothers and sisters could become part of our ministry and support us by helping us to return to our fields of service and sharing our ministry.

However, the high point was a presentation from the group that had been coming to Chiapas for the last 2 years which was emotive, fun and motivational. They inspired us all when sharing how they were changed by the experience of a short term mission.

Alcides (one of the leaders) gave an astounding testimony on how the Lord provided what they needed just a week before departure!!! As they were thinking in possibilities and tempted to call off the trip - it was just awesome to hear how almost a $1,000 dollars just came in through several persons, in just ONE DAY - a true miracle - a true sharing of resources in behalf of the kingdom!!!

And that was only one of many divine intrusions! Alcides also shared how once in Mexico city, one of the members of the team was almost sent back three days after arrival, due to health problems (extremely high blood pressure that risked a heart attack!). The group was sad and although praying constantly and having the people back at PR praying also, they didn’t understand what the Lord wanted. They finally decided to send Rev. Mojica back.

While Ricardo and Alcides were at the airport seeking a returning fly for Rev. Edwin Mojica; back at the hotel, Edwin, though still with a mild headache felt the need to share what he was going to give to the indigenous youth. So he started practicing and sharing with the group his theme on identity and peace seeking. Two things happened at once; first Ricardo and Alcides couldn’t find a plane for immediate departure and went back to the hotel. Second, while Edwin was sharing his part with the group, he started feeling better. When he finished, he told the group to check on his blood pressure, he was amazed that his headache was gone and he was even breathing better. When they checked his blood pressure it was completely normal, so he was able to stay the whole 19 days of the trip without a single problem! (Well besides the parasites!!!)

Alcides told us “in crisis miracles still happens.” It was so good to hear the story and remember how the Lord gave so many maturing experiences to these friends, but it was also good to know that we (Ricardo and I) were part in the Lord's design for this journey of faith for each one of these friends. This is truly an amazing and humbling experience!

Well, what do I tell you, the MPT meeting ended with food (of course!), music, joy, much praise and with a renewed commitment to work and ministry with us in Chiapas, and help us raise the support we need to go back!

Back home, I thought about the words of Alcides and the crisis many of us are facing right know. I got deeply thinking how the Lord will cover our needs as well as responding to the needs of so many people. Yet, I also ended up thinking how God provides so many situations to truly believe and to truly trust. The words of Alcides reminded me again what Jesus told to Martha; "if you believe, you would see the glory of God" John 11:40. So, I will believe. 

Many blessings,

Ricardo and Doris