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The Experiment...

June 8, 2009 Journal
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Ok.... I think I can do it... not being a 20- or 30-something year old who has computer and software technology in her DNA, I have made several attempts to upload my own journal--without success, and have given up in despair (we do them ourselves now…)  And then I've continued my travels, and the amazing stories of God's light shining into the dark corners of this world have piled up.  You need to hear them.  I want you to know.  So, today, this journal marks a new beginning.  I'm forcing myself to sit still, to not be put off by my fears or false starts, and to learn this new skill.  And so, you are reading an experiment--and hopefully, it will turn into a routine of simply writing and uploading pictures and letting you more fully share in my the life that your prayers and support make possible.... the life that God has called me to, the life that has the privilege of seeing God at work.  I want you to experience it too, and be encouraged.

Since January I've traveled more than 65,000 miles.  So this journal will be a little photo overview of a few of the places where I have seen God at work.  Among other things, I’ve done lots of lots of speaking in front of lots and lots of people—and what is gratifying is having people tell me after a presentation that God has spoken to them about ministry with broken people, or confessing to me about sexual addictions.  I love praying with people about the new directions where God is leading them, and pointing them towards resources. 

Ok....I'm going to try to do an upload...if you're reading this, then I've succeeded--and the next journals should be easier—and come soon!  Thanks for your patience with me.  And for your love and care, and especially your prayers.