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Young Adult Mission Team serves in China

May 19, 2009 Journal
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Young Adult Mission Team serves in China

Benjamin Chan

A Young Adult Mission (YAM) team from the Chinese Christian Church and Center in Philadelphia will serve in a center for mentally and physically-challenged  people and a school for migrant workers’ children in Nanjing, China in May and June. “Our desire is to share the love of Christ with the World.” the “Yammers” posted this statement in their team website:

International Ministries missionary Judy Sutterlin and Amity staff Tim Zhou help the arrangement of the trip. “They are going to serve the most needed people in Nanjing.” Judy explained. The Yam will serve in the Home of Blessings helping the clients to develop independent living and to receive vocational training under the supervision of the social workers. They will also be teaching about 240 third and fourth graders English language using interactive activities in the Jindu Elementary School. The students are children of farmers who moved to the city for job opportunities. These children are not able to go to regular government school due to the residence registration requirement. Private schools are set up to provide education to them, but most schools have limited facility. The service of the YAM will bring great encouragement and support to both the teachers and students.

Helen Hui, the adult sponsor of this mission trip, praised the team for taking the initiative to plan and organize the trip. “I have led them to short-term missions in the US and Mexico in the past several years when they were in the high school. Praise God that the seed of serving Christ and the global community continues to grow after they entered the college.” In addition to the China trip, Helen will be taking a high school short-term mission team to Anchorage, Alaska, and another one to Slidell, Louisiana this summer. Another adult team will involve in an evangelistic program with a Chinese church in Brazil. “Our goal is to have every young person of the church to participate in short-term missions before they enter college. We will also provide opportunities to every church member to involve in missions locally and globally.” Rev. Benjamin Chan, advisor of the CCC&C Mission and Evangelism Committee, shares the vision of the Committee. Ben provided China mission training to the YAM, and development worker Carole Sydnor shared with the YAM how to serve the mentally and physically-challenged people.

 You may support the God's mission by

 * Praying for the YAM and the people they are going to serve.

 * Pray for and support Amity Foundation

 * Pray for and support Judy Sutterlin and Carole Sydnor