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Isabella’s First Birthday

May 14, 2009 Journal
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May 4, 2009

Isabella celebrated her first birthday today! Thank you SO much for your prayers for her.  She is doing just great now. Her pulmonologist said that it would be hard to convince her that this was the same baby she saw 6 weeks ago.  Last week Isabella crawled for the first time! And in the middle picture you can see one little tooth.


Her lung doctor explained to us that the walls of her lungs are thick and soft due to being premature.   Because she is so little, when she gets a flu bug and there is irritation and swelling in the lungs, it can block off her bronchial cavities all the way.  However, the doctor said there is a 95% chance that Isabella will never suffer another symptom after age 2!


 We were also informed that the steroids lower her resistance, making her susceptible to illness. Therefore, we are forbidden to take her to any enclosed public area – mall, church, etc – until she is completely off the drugs.


Just as we concluded her little birthday celebration this afternoon, we looked out the window and saw this rainbow (picture attached), a great reminder of God’s promise and faithfulness.