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Women Growing in Their Faith

May 13, 2009 Journal
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Dear Friends,

On March 8, International Women’s Day was celebrated in Cuba. People on the street say "congratulations" to each woman they pass and some neighborhoods hold a party as a way to celebrate women’s contributions to the work force.
The women’s group at our church held a special meeting that day. While we were receiving a special gift of having our nails polished by two of our members, we held a Bible study on what constitutes a good woman, according to society’s norms and according to God. Our discussion emphasized that rather than concentrating on the outward aspect, we need to shine in good works as women dedicated to God (1Timothy 2:8-9). We then listed a number of practical ways that this could be done.

 In the church the women volunteer their time for evangelism, discipling, cooking, cleaning the building, serving as a Sunday school teacher or treasurer-- you name it!  These women also struggle to instill Christian values in their marriages and in their relationships with their children and grandchildren. Please pray for them as this is never easy! But lives are changing because of their faithfulness to God and their perseverance in the struggle is encouraging.
In my role as an adult Sunday school teacher and as the pastor’s wife, I seek to encourage the women and to give biblical guidance. Through our Sunday school lessons, which deal with decision-making, prayer and obedience, we seek God’s way of doing things. We also touch on subjects such as how to improve marital relationships (a recent study on Song of Solomon turned out to be quite popular!), how to discipline children, and forgiveness. It is always a joy to see people living out these lessons because it brings blessing to a much wider circle of needy people - their families and neighbors.

Your prayers and financial support are helping to sustain the women in the church as they are growing in their faith and their relationship with God.

In Christ,

Sue Hegarty