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April 1, 2009 Journal
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Mark and Susan Larimer are friends of the heart.  Four years ago they came and served one year with us as volunteer missionaries.  Now they pastor Crossways Community Church in Hamilton, OH.  In March, they returned to La Paz with their two children and three men from their church to participate on a work project.  What a joy to see them!  To catch up on what is happening in their lives and for them to see all the changes that have occurred in La Paz since their departure.  As missionaries, we don’t have a lot of opportunities to connect with old friends.  So this time with Mark and Susan was treasured by us.  Their love and encouragement came at a time when we desperately needed hugs and smiles in person.  We thank God for good friendships!

The Crossway's Mission Group participated in a project at the Theological School of La Paz.  As you might recall, the school had been broken into eight times over the last two years.  Each time, it was costing between $500-$1000 USD to repair broken doors, windows, and locks.  Part of the problem was that the wall surrounding the property was not high enough to discourage vandals from jumping over it.  So the team assisted in adding block to the existing wall, and then cementing broken glass along the top edge.  They also corrected a drainage problem along a wall we shared with a neighbor.  And a shower was added to the bathroom to make the facility more versatile.  We are grateful for the time and money this mission group donated to the school.  It is through the efforts of countless mission groups that this school exists today.  Your volunteer efforts make a difference!

Milton and Susu Sanders are members of our English-speaking ministry called Crossroads.  Six years ago they adopted a little girl they named Michelle.  Five weeks ago they adopted another baby and his name is Arthur Henry.  The baby was born on the same day as his grandfather Henry, Susu’s deceased father, and thus the reason his middle name is Henry.  Being named after someone in your family always comes with a legacy—sometimes good, sometimes bad.  But when we are adopted into God’s family, we always inherit a legacy that we can be proud of.  Every earthly adoption reminds us that even when we were yet sinners, God loved us so much that he sent his son to die for us.  We become the sons and daughters of God!

Kim Fuller moved to La Paz a year ago.  She is a quilter.  She handmade a blue sailboat quilt for baby Arthur (his parents used to live on a boat and La Paz is on the Sea of Cortez).  When Kim and her husband Rich moved to La Paz, she wasn’t sure how God would use her and her talent for sewing.  God is revealing it to her piece by piece.  At Christmas she made almost 100 pillowcases for the local children's orphanage, embroidering each child’s name on the border.  With another woman at Crossroads, she has been designing quilted prayer squares for women and men battling cancer.  And when someone is celebrating a birthday, that person is usually blessed with a handmade item by Kim.  Kim is stitching hearts together not only with her love, but also with the love of God!

Your Mission Giving is changing lives in La Paz . . . one heart at a time!  Thank you for your prayers and financial gifts.

Love, David and Joyce