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God At Work in a Place Called "SIN"

November 7, 2005 Journal
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It didn't seem like a very promising night. It was overcast and dark clouds were threatening to rain any minute. I left home discouraged after arguing with my son, trying to let go of negativity and sinful attitudes before getting to the red light district. I met up with Beng and Pon and we began to walk and pray around the area.  We were drawn to walk and pray around a large complex called, "SIN." Huge signs advertised unashamedly what takes place. As we walked around it we noticed a tailor shop which had a fish sign and Christian blessing. We walked in and introduced ourselves to Goon, the tailor. He told us that he was not there for business but for God. We were mutually encouraged and prayed together.


As we left, his words rang clearly, "Win a soul every day." We were tired though and stood at the street debating whether to call it a night or continue with outreach into the bars. It began to sprinkle but his words, "win a soul every day," came to mind and we decided to go to the bars across the street, turning our back on "SIN." Suddenly it poured down rain and we ran back to "SIN." We stood on a ledge under "SIN" and I suggested we stay there and pray. As we prayed, I began to sing "What can wash away this sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus." The rain fell loudly and we sang loudly. After a while we moved into the entrance of "SIN" and began to talk with a couple girls. Another girl came down the stairs and when she saw the tracts we had given the girls she asked, "What church do you go to?" Shocked, I asked, "You know about church?" (Most don't!) She replied that she is a Christian trying to work through college. She said the name "SIN" didn't really mean anything, it was just the name. I told her that God needs His people working all over but what is dangerous in the area is not what is visible but what is unseen. We talked about the sin of the area, the spiritual forces at work, about our faith, church and NightLight's ministry. The rain stopped and we left saying that we would come back to visit.


The next day she called us at NightLight. When we left she went right upstairs and turned in her resignation saying she would not work in a place of sin. She told the others they should quit and work at NightLight and gave them our contact number. That week, two women came to apply for work at NightLight. The two sisters, "Tk" and "Wn" are now making jewelry with NightLight. They told another friend, "Ny" and she will be starting with us this next week. We had never met these women on outreach. God made the connections, but if we had not obeyed God that night and been there these women would not be with us now.  God showed us many things that night: the power of obedience and prayer, how it is His work, and how God is using His people in many ways. God is at work preparing the way to bring women out of darkness and into His light.