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STEP Tutoring Program in Panama

This project seeks to raise $25,000 per month to assist 50 students who need tutoring in Changuinola, Panama.

Goal: $25,000 per month

About this Mission Project

The children in Changuinola, Panama, are raised on banana plantations, where life can be very difficult. They are bullied, live in poverty and struggle to keep up with their peers. They need extra help with their studies. In 2007, the Centro Teológico Bautista del Caribe Panameño started a tutoring program for these children.

Pablo was in eighth grade when he first joined the tutoring program. He developed good study habits and, after four years in the program, he graduated from high school.

This project will allow the program to expand to help 50 students in grades K–12. The challenge is to find a bigger location and to help with rising costs for school uniforms, backpacks, supplies, snacks, transportation and tutors.

Mission Project Specifics

This project is part of STEP, the Student Tuition Expense Program. The purpose is to assist students who need tutoring in Changuinola, Panama. There are 50 children who come to the program every day needing special help during the 10-month school year. Funds provide school uniforms and shoes, school supplies and backpacks and breakfast, lunch and a snack.

This project will be managed by IM missionary in Panama Ingrid Roldán-Román.

It is anticipated that this project will help the children to excel in school so that they can have the opportunity for a better future and to learn Biblical principles and develop a relationship with God.

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In the picture above...
This is one of the young boys who attend the tutoring program. He gets special help during the school year, which lasts 10 months. Tutoring helps the children develop good study habits, improves their self-esteem and gives them confidence as they move forward to higher grades in school.