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Support for Orphans in China

This project seeks to raise $112,000 so that 250 orphans will be able to get an education.

Goal: $112,000

About this Mission Project

Xiao Li lost her parents when she was younger. Mature beyond her years, she is very bright and full of energy and fun, with excitement and hope.

The support that Xiao Li has from us has made it possible for her to study in high school and gives her the hope that she will be able to realize her dream of going to college.

In 2003, we joined the Amity Foundation program to help students like Xiao Li get an education. Today we sponsor 130 orphans, giving them a chance to break free of the cycle of poverty. Funds provide clothing, food and school supplies, making it possible for them to continue their education. This project will allow us expand the program to assist 250 orphans.

Mission Project Specifics

This project seeks to raise $112,000 so that 250 orphans will be able to get an education. The purpose is to make it possible for the kids to receive a basic education equal to others in China. In addition to providing clothing, food and school supplies, this program will help these kids know that they are loved and valued by others.

This project is managed by Wendy Huang of the Amity Foundation, with an additional visit by IM volunteer special assistant Judith Sutterlin and volunteers. It is anticipated that this project will improve equality of opportunity and the overall education and health of the community.

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Xiao Li is writing a thank-you letter to her sponsor. The knowledge and skills that she and others develop now will lead to future contributions to their communities.