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Piggery Farm in India

International Ministries seeks to raise $16,700 to establish the piggery farm project.

Goal: $16,170

About This Mission Project

The Tuensang Hills are in the most remote part of Eastern Nagaland in Northeast India. The region is home to the Sangtam people and five other tribal groups. Tuensang was declared an unadministered area, which means that it receives no assistance from the government.

The United Sangtam Baptist Lithroti Ashimukhong Churches Association (USBLA) has a vision to enhance the intellectual, social and spiritual life of the people. It began the Multipurpose Retreat Center on five acres of donated land. One of its projects is a piggery farm to help bring economic stability to families.

Mission Project Specifics

International Ministries seeks to raise $16,700 to establish the piggery farm project. The purpose of the project is to provide economic stability among the Sangtam people in the Tuensang region in the state of Nagaland in Northeast India. It is further hoped that this project will lessen the rate of unemployment and help the young people to emulate a dignity of labor work ethic.

The project will be managed by the USBLA and General Secretary L. Limajungshi Sangtam.

It is anticipated that this ongoing project will benefit the 30,000 church members and five or six neighboring communities as they are empowered through economic development.

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One of the most urgent needs in the Tuensang Hills is to reinforce the dignity of labor mentality among young people. The USBLA believes this project will reduce unemployment and, by using a Biblical perspective, will help the young people embrace a work culture that embodies dignity and integrity.