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Mexico Chicken Project

This project seeks to raise $44,319 by June 2016 to provide chickens, training and materials to 160 families in Mexico.

Goal: $44,319

About this Mission Project

The southern states of Oaxaca and Chiapas in Mexico are very dry until the rainy season begins. Most of the people who live there are farmers whose livelihoods are at the mercy of the weather.

The Council of Rural Indigenous Evangelicals of Mexico (CICEM) has begun a project to help families become self-sufficient by providing them with chickens. By raising chickens, families gain eggs and meat and can sell any excess to buy other essentials. This project will provide five families in 32 churches each with 24 chickens, two bags of feed, wire fencing to contain the chickens and training on raising chickens. Each church will receive one incubator to hatch the eggs.

$100 will provide two dozen chickens and chicken feed for two months.
$250 will provide a chicken coop, two dozen chickens and feed.
$500 will supply eight churches with one incubator each.

Mission Project Specifics

This project seeks to raise $44,319 by June 2016. The funds will provide 160 families in the southern states of Mexico each with 24 chickens, chicken feed, incubators and materials to build chicken coops. The purpose of the project is to help these indigenous people become self-sufficient and have a steady source of protein.

This project will be managed by missionaries Debbie and Keith Myers. It is anticipated that this project will improve the overall economy and health of many communities in Mexico.

Connect to this Mission Project

In the picture above...
Josefe is holding an egg from the chickens she raises. Your gifts will provide a coop so that during the rainy season her chickens won’t be washed away. The chickens will not only help feed Josefe’s family but also enable her to supply meat and eggs for church events.