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Sponsor 10 Girls' Clubs in Chile

This project seeks to raise $5,500 to support 10 girls’ clubs for one year.

Goal: $5,500

About this Mission Project

Chile has one of the fastest growing teen pregnancy rates in the world. Rise Up Little Girl is a network of clubs for girls ages 8–12 in some of Chile’s poorest communities. Each club provides spiritual, social and academic support through mentoring, tutoring, art and friendship in seven communities.

Erica Villablanca is a pastor’s wife and coordinator of Rise Up Little Girl. She strives to give women and girls a vision for their future that will help them overcome the daily challenges of violence, poverty and substance abuse that are so prevalent.

Rise Up Little Girl currently works with 65 girls. As a result of this ministry, many of them have improved their academic performance, come to know Christ and developed healthy friendships.

Mission Project Specifics

This project seeks to raise $5,500 to support 10 girls’ clubs for one year. These funds will provide art supplies, snacks, training materials and two all-day field trips for 100 girls throughout the year. This project will be managed by American Baptist missionary Barbara Bolick.

It is anticipated that this project will not only provide a support network for vulnerable girls, but also encourage girls in the clubs to finish high school, and that it will also reduce the teen and pre-teen pregnancy rate among the girls participating in the project.

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When this program began in 2005, there was a high rate of teenage pregnancy and girls dropping out of school in Chile’s poorest communities. Today the teen pregnancy statistics for girls in the program are significantly lower than the national average. This program is effective in lowering other high-risk behaviors in these vulnerable participants as well.