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Women in Crisis in the Mekong Region

This project seeks to raise $27,500 to train and support 20 peer counselor-listeners.

Goal: $27,500 per year

About this Mission Project

The Bala Foundation is a new locally-owned ministry that seeks to address human exploitation in the Mekong sub-region where Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and China converge.

The ministry was been founded and is now led by Misaw Chermer, an ethnic-minority Christian woman from the mountains of Myanmar who was raised in northern Thailand.

Having received opportunity to go to school through International Ministries (IM) and then work in two IM-related ministries, Ms. Misaw is answering God’s call to respond to young ethnic women in emotional and social crisis through the Bala Foundation.

A gift of $100 will train a local volunteer for one week in basic peer listening skills. $250 allows the Bala Foundation to establish a connection with two local officials in neighboring countries. $500 gives one young person a month of training in a viable alternative vocation.

Mission Project Specifics

This project seeks to raise $27,500 to train and support 20 peer counselor-listeners. The purpose of the project is to bring caring, healing and changed lives to 150 young people who were trafficked and exploited in Thailand and the Mekong region.

This project will be managed by Ms. Misaw Chermer, director and founder of the Bala Foundation in Thailand.

It is anticipated that over the course of the next five years, this project will improve the overall lives of thousands of tribal young people who are at risk to exploitation and trafficking in the Mekong region.

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Melinee (right) was sent away from her home at the age of three. Thanks to the Bala Foundation, she was given an opportunity to make a new life for herself. Here you see her reunited with her sister, who had become a child soldier in Myanmar. Before this day, the two had never met.