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Cruising for a Land Cruiser in the Congo

This project seeks to raise $38,500 to purchase a new Toyota Land Cruiser.

Goal: $38,500

About this Mission Project

How many mechanics should it take to keep a Land Cruiser running on the Congo’s sandy roads? In this case it’s taking more and more!

This mission project seeks to raise $35,000 to purchase a new Land Cruiser. This vehicle is a key resource in delivering White Cross supplies to the Baptist hospitals in the Congo. The places that missionary Katherine Niles, the medical coordination team and White Cross supplies need to reach out in the Congo’s “bush” country require a strong vehicle, sheer determination and the grit of a seasoned driver. This vehicle is a vital and necessary tool in keeping the Baptist hospitals supplied, supported and linked together. It can be a godsend in facilitating problem-solving trips in times of crisis.

A gift of $100 will buy the driver’s seat, $250 buys a tire and $500 will pay for the rear axle. All gifts great and small are appreciated.

Mission Project Specifics

This project seeks to raise $38,500 to purchase a new Toyota Land Cruiser. The purpose is to provide reliable transportation that is vital in coordinating the medical needs of 11 Baptist hospitals and their rural health center networks. The vehicle will also make it possible to deliver medicines, medical supplies and White Cross materials.

The project will be managed by missionary Katherine Niles. It is anticipated that the project will benefit more than 1.5 million people living in the Congo’s health zones.

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In the picture above...
Missionary Katherine Niles (center) stands in front of the current, longsuffering and carefully maintained vehicle that has been on the rough roads of the Congo since 2001. These mechanics at the CBCO garage gave the vehicle an overhaul before undertaking a 1,000 km road trip to several bush hospitals.