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Micro-Loans for Women in Haiti

This project seeks to raise $ 11,000 in the next year to provide micro-loans to women in Haiti.

Goal: $11,000

About this Mission Project

Overpopulation is a significant problem in Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti. Many people live without running water or electricity. They struggle to get by.

Madame Jeanne is a Christian who lives in the poorest area of Port-au-Prince. She didn’t finish school and can’t find a job or afford medical care. Her children were dismissed from school because she couldn’t pay the tuition. She walks long distances to get anywhere.

This project will train Haitian women on how a micro-loan works. Through seminars, they will learn how to choose and manage a small business. These women will become leaders who can train others and follow up on how the micro-loans are working.

A gift of $100 will provide a micro-loan for a woman to buy and sell bananas and oranges. A gift of $250 will start a small business. $500 will provide loans for three women.

Mission Project Specifics

This project seeks to raise $ 11,000 in the next year to provide micro-loans to women in Haiti. The purpose of the project is to train women in how to choose and manage their own small businesses. This project will be managed by IM missionary Kihomi Ngwemi, who works with the women in Haiti.

It is anticipated that this project will improve the lives of more than 200 women, men and children who will be better educated and able to feed themselves, leading to improved health and hope for the future.

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A micro-loan helped Madame Jeanne buy chicken, which she cleans, marinades, cooks and sells on the streets of Port-au-Prince to support her family. Thanks to this project, Jeanne’s children are back in school, she is much more self-sufficient and she has also taken in her friend’s daughter to raise.