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Pray for Jan and Larry Martin, planting churches in Thailand.

August 16, 2011
Jan and Larry have a rural-based ministry in a small town in Northern Thailand. The population of this town is almost 100 percent Buddhist. There is a small and growing Christian group there that the Martins help to nurture through fellowship, praise, preaching and teaching. Their desire is to reach out and serve their community.  The Martins are involved in the lives of the people to whom they minister in as many ways as possible and use the relationships they build to witness to the love of Jesus Christ.


They write: Greetings from Thailand. Our local scenery is changing daily as fields are plowed and planted. The new rice plants seem, at best, tenuous, but farmers are happy and looking for a good crop because an early wet season has provided good water.

We see the rice growing each year and watch thin little plants grow and produce fruit. We see that, also, in the folk who have come to know Jesus, shaky beginnings producing firm believers that are producing fruit that is glorifying God.

In our cluster meeting yesterday we discussed how individuals have grown and changed because of knowing Jesus and how some of the group is keen to share their faith.

At our Bible study last week Inn, reflecting on Acts 5, said she thought people in her community are “impressed” by Jesus, but are afraid of what others would say if they came to our group. People here often think that because they are Thai they are Buddhist, and following Jesus would be like denying their Thainess.

A New Room in the Making

We have been asked by the Public Health Department to help fund a room for an elderly woman who is unable to walk. The new room will hopefully give her opportunity to get out a bit and be a part of her community again. The Public Health Department has also asked our teammate Anna to visit other shut-ins. Anna is looking at ways to encourage families to provide better care for their old folk.

Prayer Points

  • Dema and Carolyn’s paper work, visa, work permit and housing.
  • Anna as she fills in for us working with the Public Health Department and later as she helps Dema and Carolyn settle.
  • Pray for the people Inn shares with. May they be drawn to Jesus so strongly that they don’t worry about what their neighbors think.
  • Speaking engagements in September, October, and November—May we inform people and encourage them in what God is doing.