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World Mission Offering 2016

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Each year, the WMO casts a spotlight on a different part of the world—giving American Baptists a personal, front-row seat to the powerful ministries that are changing lives for Christ around the globe. For the 2016 WMO, we are excited to bring you the story of the spiritual revival happening in Baptist churches right now in CUBA!

Please download any of the resources below and use them freely in your church. These and other printed materials were mailed to churches in July. If you didn't receive your packet, contact Daniela Glomb at 610-768-2208 or

Many of the World Mission Offering resources are available in both English and Spanish.
If you need additional print materials, please refer to the ordering instructions below.

Article for Church Newsletters

"10 Reasons" Flyer

Tips for a Successful Offering

16-Part Video Series

To view all video titles, click the Playlist button (pictured at the right) at the upper left corner of the player and select the one that you would like to watch—or you can click on the play button to start at the beginning and watch them all.

Most videos are available in English and Spanish.

To order a DVD of all 16 videos, contact Daniela Glomb at 610-768-2208 or

To download individual videos, use the links below.

  1. Contexto histórico - Adalia Gutierez Lee (Español)

  2. Historic Context - Adalia Gutierrez Lee (English)

  3. Mylinda Baits (Español)

  4. Mylinda Baits (English)

  5. Ketly y Vital Pierre (Español)

  6. Ketly and Vital Pierre (English)

  7. Madeline Flóres Lopez (Español)

  8. Madeline Flóres Lopez (English)

  9. David y Joyce Reed (Español)

  10. David and Joyce Reed (English)

  11. Mercy Gonzalez Barnes (Español)

  12. Mercy Gonzalez Barnes (English)

  13. Miracle in Jiguaní (English)

  14. Cuba's Spiritual Revival (English)

  15. Oración por Cuba (Espanol)

  16. A Prayer for Cuba (English)


Bulletin Inserts

Global Mission Study Guide



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Bulletin Inserts #3 & #4, Bilingual (black and white) W911
Poster/Map, English W912
Poster/Map, Spanish W913
DVD, 5-part Video Series: Stretch Forward W921
Global Mission Study Guide W914
Coin Box, Bilingual W906
Pew Envelope, Bilingual W907
Reid Trulson Cover Letter W915
Ad for Spanish Items/Reorder Form W919
Sample Packet W917
Quick Facts Flyer, English W917
Quick Facts Flyer, Spanish W918
Guide to Global Servants 2014–2015, English i404
Guide to Global Servants 2015–2016, Spanish

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To change the quantity of materials you receive every year in your WMO package, please contact Joyce Lake at 1-800-222-3872, etc. 2070;; or Joyce Lake, American Baptist Mission Resource Development, PO Box 851, Valley Forge, PA 19482.