October 4, 2017 Dominican Republic – Clean Water
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GoalThe goal of this project is to provide clean, filtered water for approximately 100 families in the Dominican Republic.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $6,615 annually to purchase 100 buckets with special clay filters and a five-gallon container to hold the filtered water.
DescriptionMany Dominican and Haitian family men work 12 hours a day in the sugar cane fields to support their families. The women and children are left with finding the nearest river or water source that is within walking distance. Available water which they collect for cooking, bathing and drinking is largely contaminated with bacteria and parasites, but there is no access to clean water. This project will provide 100 families with a specially filtered bucket. Water that is poured through the filtration system is cleansed and safe to drink. These five-gallon filtration buckets will improve overall health, which translates into higher attendance in school and fewer days missed at work.
Suggested GiftsA gift of $55 provides one filter and bucket.
Prayer RequestsPlease pray with IM global servant Madeline Flores-Lopez and her partners in the Dominican Republic for a fully funded project. Please also prayerfully consider what your part will be in providing clean water to families in the Dominican Republic.
Managed ByFlores-López, Madeline